Where can I find Lafayette College’s policy regarding expense reimbursement?

The College’s travel and Expense Reimbursement Policy can be found on the College’s website at: http://finadmin.lafayette.edu/information-for-faculty-staff/policies/ 

Where can I find travel forms?

The Travel and Expense Reimbursement Reports can be found on the College’s website at: http://finadmin.lafayette.edu/information-for-faculty-staff/forms/

Do I have to use one of the College’s approved travel agencies for all of my travel arrangements?

The College would prefer that the American Express online system or Emmanuel Travel be used for all airfare transactions.  A traveler may select a different travel service or book their travel directly with an airline if, in their discretion and analysis, they can secure more cost-effective accommodations or can realize other important benefits or flexibility by doing so.

What are the time limitations on submitting Travel Reimbursement Reports?

All completed and approved Travel Reimbursement Reports should be submitted to the Controller’s Office within 60 days after the travel is completed or the purchase date of the item being submitted for reimbursement.

What receipts are required for travel reimbursement?

In general, incidental and meal expenses of $50.00 or less do not require receipts unless the business purpose of the expense is being reimbursed through a grant.  If you’re being reimbursed through a grant, further restrictions may apply.  Please refer to the Office of Sponsored Research with further questions.

What do I do if I lose a required receipt or it is never provided to me?

On an exception basis, if a required receipt is not issued, or is lost, the traveler can submit a statement, approved by their supervisor, documenting the date of the purchase, the item(s) purchased, the vendor used, and why the required receipt is not available.

I didn’t spend as much as the Meal and Incidental Allowance provides for foreign travel, do I have to claim the entire allowable expense?

The per diem allowance is the maximum that can be reimbursed and you do not have to claim the full amount of the per diem.  If you find that you spent less than the allowance, you can request a reimbursement for the lower amount. Travelers are always encouraged to be judicious in their spending on meals and incidental expenses when eligible for a per diem reimbursement.

How long does it take to receive reimbursement?

Most reimbursements take less than two weeks to process from the time the Controller’s Office receives the approved Travel Reimbursement Report.   If there are questions or missing items, every effort is made to resolve the problem over the phone or through e-mail. For individuals that receive their paycheck via direct deposit, their travel reimbursements are also processed as a direct deposit and an email notification is sent to alert that the payment has been processed.

How can I be reimbursed for an item that is unique or not addressed within the College’s Expense Reimbursement Policy?

The Controller’s Office will make its best effort to accommodate special circumstances within the College’s practices and IRS requirements.  When possible, it is best to review special circumstances with the Controller’s Office in advance of a trip or expenditure that may be unique or not sufficiently addressed within the College’s Expense Reimbursement Policy.  The Controller’s Office can be reached at 610-330-5136 or in-person in Marquis Hall, Room 030.

Who can I call if I have a question about the College’s travel policy?

The Controller’s Office is available to help answer any questions about the Expense Reimbursement Policy and can be reached at 610-330-5136 or in-person in Marquis Hall, Room 030.