Minimizing risk for the College comes in many forms – from education regarding risk to providing insurance options to constructing a comprehensive policy for campus events to managing claims. These responsibilities are assigned to the Business Services Office within the Finance & Business Department.


The goal of Risk Management is to effectively protect the College’s human, financial and physical assets and resources from the consequences of losses.

Risk Management

All College constituencies support the efforts of preventing injuries and safeguarding College assets. Please contact Facilities Operations at 610-330-5370 or place a Work Order (instructions can be found at to report any physical hazards. Risk Management should be contacted to coordinate review of any operational or procedural issues.


Identified risks arising from the operations of the College are mitigated, as appropriate, through the purchase of various property and liability policies. Coverages, deductibles, and premiums on these policies are reviewed throughout the year and renewals are processed by the office annually, generally with July 1st effective dates.