If an expense or deposit was accidentally allocated to the wrong FOAPAL, an adjustment can be made by completing a Transfer of Charges Form and emailing it to the Controller’s Office within 90 days of the original expenditure (and before the close of a fiscal year). The Transfer of Charges Form should indicate which account should be credited (in the case of expenses, this is the FOAPAL that was originally used) and which account should be debited (if an expense, the FOAPAL to which you want to redirect the expense).

The Transfer of Charges Form will only be processed by the Controller’s Office if the email is sent by an appropriately authorized person. In the case of an expense, the request should be sent by the department head associated with the FOAPAL into which the expense will be moved. In the case of a revenue transfer, the request should be sent by the department head of the FOAPAL from which the revenues are being diverted.

The completed form and any questions can be directed to the Controller’s Office at (610) 330-5136 or TransferOfCharges@lafayette.edu