Health Insurance

The Affordable Care Act requires all individuals to be covered by health insurance. To ensure all students have access to comprehensive medical care while attending Lafayette College, all students will be enrolled automatically in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). This enrollment will result in an automatic premium charge to the student’s account. This charge will be removed only if the student waives the enrollment. Students may waive the coverage only if they are enrolled in a comparable insurance plan. 

To waive enrollment in SHIP, access the Lafayette College link found at, provide proof of comparable coverage, and submit the online waiver form by the established waiver deadline.

Please closely evaluate your coverage to make an informed decision regarding health insurance needs while enrolled at Lafayette College. The College is not responsible for medical or other expenses resulting from injuries sustained by students while enrolled, whether such injuries occur on or off campus.

Please see the Bailey Health Center website for more information.

Property Insurance

The College assumes no responsibility for loss of or damage to any student’s personal property either on or off campus.  Students should verify that coverage is provided under their family’s homeowner’s policy. If this policy does not provide coverage, students should consider coverage options at College Student Insurance or contact an insurance agent.

Liability Insurance

While not required, the College recommends that students verify that their family’s liability insurance extends coverage for student actions both on and off campus.