Employees who have responsibility for reviewing departmental budget performance and/or submitting budget data can gain access to that financial information online through the Self-Service Banner Finance.

To gain access to the appropriate financial data, complete the Banner Finance Access Request Form and submit it to the Controller’s Office.

Training Tools

Banner Finance—General

To help you understand how to find and interpret the data in Banner Finance, refer to the Banner Online Budget User Guide.

Budget Development—Submitting Budgets

Immediately prior to the start of the fiscal year (usually in early May), departmental budget allocations to the various account codes should be made in Banner using the Budget Development function.

Read the budget submission instructions

Budget Development—Approving Budgets

Once a department head/manager completes his/her budget(s), they should be reviewed and approved by the respective director or division head.

Read the budget approval instructions

Online Purchase Requisitions

Requisitions should be submitted electronically using Banner. Any employee with the appropriate Banner access can submit a purchase requisition in Banner. The requisition then travels electronically through an approval process prior to it reaching the Purchasing Office. The person submitting the requisition can track its status in the process in Banner.

Read the online requisition FAQ

Budget Transfers

Requests to transfer budget dollars should be submitted electronically using Banner Self-Service. Any employee with the appropriate Banner permissions can submit a Budget Transfer request in Banner. The request then electronically travels through an approval process prior to it reaching the Controller’s Office. The person submitting the request can track its status in the process in Banner.

Read the budget transfer instructions

Approving Documents

Coincidental with the launch of online Purchase Requisitions, Budget Transfers and Purchase Order functionalities in  July 2012, the ability to review and approve those documents migrated online as well. Those people who are next in line to approve a particular document will receive an automated email (at approximately 3 p.m.) letting them know there is at least one document awaiting their review and encouraging them to log into Banner Self-Service to review and act upon the document(s).

Read the document approval instructions

Index Codes

Index codes are a shortcut system used to automatically default the appropriate Fund and Program Code associated with the operating expenses of a particular Organization (“Org” or “Orgn”). The use of index codes reduces data entry time and errors.

Certain index codes have been created for each Org.  If you use your 5-digit Org code in the index code field on any Banner or other form (e.g., a Budget Query, a Requisition, a Budget Transfer form, etc.), when you “validate” or “complete” the form, it should automatically populate the Fund, Orgn, and Program code fields. You will simply then need to fill in the Account Code applicable to the transaction you are performing.

Additional Resources


If you have a specific question about reading budget data in Banner Self-Service or would like to request a special training session for a small group, please contact Judy Reed (610-330-5143, reedja@lafayette.edu).