The Finance & Administration Division is responsible for the establishment of financial policies and internal controls and the provision of service and support for the College's accounting, administrative services, physical plant, capital planning, and budget functions.

Division staff act as the primary representatives to the Audit, Financial Policy, and Grounds & Buildings Committees of the Board of Trustees.
The division includes the following areas with primary responsibilities listed:


  • Building Maintenance & Trades
  • Custodial Services
  • Groundskeeping Services
  • Steam Plant and Utilities


  • Construction & Project Management
  • Facilities Planning
  • Sustainability



  • Board of Trustees support for the Audit, Financial Policy, and Grounds & Buildings Committees
  • Capital Finance
  • Debt Service
  • Endowment Accounting & Investment Support
  • Risk Management and Insurance
  • Long-term Planning

Ethical Standards

Finance & Administration Division employees are required to follow the division’s Ethics Policy.

The division is committed to continuously attaining the highest standards in all of its operations and business practices. As one part of its commitment to best practices and to following the guidelines established in the Code of Ethics and other standards, the College created a toll-free Ethics and Compliance Hotline (1-800-539-6085) to report inappropriate activities by any member of the College community 24 hours a day.  Services for the hotline are provided by The Network, an independent company that provides similar services for companies worldwide. The Network answers all calls and records the information necessary to initiate an investigation of the reported activities. The Network representative will provide a case tracking number to the caller for tracking the status of the investigation. Calls can be anonymous, if desired.