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Office of the Vice President – 316 Markle Hall

Roger Demareski Vice President of Finance and Administration 330-5133
Ellen Leslie Secretary to the Vice President 330-5133

Controller’s Office – 202 Markle Hall

Paul H. Zimmerman Controller 330-5136
Sharon Reich Secretary to the Controller 330-5136
Jill Snyder Associate Controller & Accounts Payable Mgr 330-5139
Judy Reed Assistant Controller & Accounts Receivable Mgr 330-5143
Donna Yellen Special Funds Accountant 330-5835
Rochelle Lam Manager, Student Accounts 330-5138
Diane Bryant Admin Asst, Student Accounts 330-5145
Alice Koskey Admin Asst, AR/AP Review 330-5140
Ann Plappert Payroll Mgr 330-5142
Darlene Yost Admin Asst, Payroll Benefits 330-5135
Dawn Sisson Accounting Staff 330-5144
Angie Gubich Accounting Staff 330-5141
Bobbi Jo Agosta Accounting Staff 330-5146
Kathy Churchill Accounting Staff 330-5627

Administrative Services6 Markle Hall

Rosie Bader Associate Treasurer 330-5535
Bonnie Storm Admin Asst, Endowment 330-5132

Finance & Business Operations

Kari Fazio Dir of Finance and Business Operations 330-5957
Shelly Keck Mgr of Financial Information Technology 330-5049
Chuck Corsi Mgr, College Store 330-5512
Bob Walsh Mgr, Post Office 330-5351
Linda Jroski Mgr, Purchasing & Off-Campus Properties 330-5016
Joe Binotto Mgr, Dining Services 330-5346
Brad Orey Mgr, Reprographics & Print Services 330-5015

Plant Operations9 North Campus Lane

Bruce Ferretti Director of Physical Planning (Plant Operations) 330-5375
Mario Cozzubbo Assoc Dir of Plant for Trades 330-5376
Bob Meyer Project Planner 330-5372
Thomas Pursel Supervisor, Steam Plant 330-5379
Bob Chunko Supervisor, Grounds 330-5377
John Chunko Supervisor, Custodians 330-5837
Eleanor McHale Administrative Asst for Finance 330-5371
Adele Presutti Office Assistant 330-5608

Facilities Planning & Construction9 North Campus Lane

Mary Wilford-Hunt Director of Facilities Planning & Construction 330-5381
Rosemary Huggan Office Coordinator 330-5374
George Xiques Mgr, Sustainability & Environmental Planning 330-5607
Nadda Pavlinsky Assistant Project Manager/Interior Design 330-5611

Public Safety – 11 Marquis Hall

Hugh Harris Director, Public Safety 330-5330
Jeff Troxell Asst Director 330-5330
Jim Meyer Asst Director 330-5330
Diana Buchok Mgr, Public Safety Operations 330-5604
Bob Zaun Supervisor 330-5330
Kevin Heil Supervisor 330-5621

Finance & Administration Announcements

Purchasing policies for faculty, administrators, & staff

For information and assistance with the identification, selection, and acquisition of required goods and services visit the Purchasing site.

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Finance & Administration
Office of the Vice President
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